Low voltage pond pump reviews for Australia

These pumps are all available here in Australia. I’m currently running 5 of the pumps listed in various sized ponds. One is no longer in operation because it failed within 3 months, but more on that later.

Low volt pumps are a popular choice for ponds and water features because the low voltage makes them easy to install, no need for an electrician.

Generally speaking a 12 volt pond pump can be safely extended for 30 metres from a power outlet. Whilst a 24 volt pond pump can be extended up to 60 metres from an existing outlet.

This makes them incredible desirable for ponds that are situated quite a distance from the nearest electrical outlet.

The reason you do not need an electrician is because low volt pumps convert the regular power supply (220-240V) down to a safer 12 or 24 volts. 

Heres a quick video showing the ponds i use these pumps in. Keep reading for a description on each low volt pond pump.

Resun King 12 volt 380 litres/ hr

Resun is a Chinese brand of pump and I must say I was sceptical at first. However I now own several resun king pumps in various sizes. 

This particular model (Resun king 1LV) is the smallest one they make. The specs are as follows:

  • Max Flow: 380L/hr
  • Power use: 7 watts
  • Max Head: 0.9m
  • Flow at 1m: 0L/hr
  • Cable Length: 5m
  • Attachments: Flow Control, 3 tier volcano, bell fountain, aerator venturi outlet fitting, foam filter
  • Cost $40-50

I’m currently running this pond pump in one of my wine barrel patio ponds. The pond has a bog filter sitting above the pond and its home to 7 rosy barbs.

This pump has been operational for 9 months with no issues. I cannot fault this little pump. It supplies water up to the bog filter without issue.

I removed the sponge inside to allow any solids that pass through the cage to get deposited into the bog filter.

I can honestly recommend this little pond pump for small applications under 200 litres. It could be used to power a small water fountain of low hight or used to circulate water in a small patio pond.

Resun King 12Volt 700 litres/hr

This ones the next size up from the previous model. The model is called (Resun King 1ALV) I use this one in conjunction with a solar pump in my 1000 litre gold fish pond.

The specs on the Resun king 1ALV model are:

  • Max Flow: 700L/hr
  • Max Head: 1.01m
  • Flow at 1m: 100L/hr
  • Cable Length: 5m
  • Power Consumption: 10 watts
  • Attachments: Flow Control, 3 tier volcano, bell fountain, aerator venturi outlet fitting, foam filter
  • Cost $50-60

You can actually buy this model for under $40 it you don’t require the fountain attachments and flow control.

Again this is a great little pump for small ponds, fountains and water features. Mine has been in constant use for over 18 months. Ive cleaned it 3 times.

Again this particular pond has a bog filter so i removed the foam insert to allow solids to be transported into the filter.

Resun King 24 volt 1000 litres/ hr

This is the next size up from the previous model. This is the (Resun king 2LV). I own 2 of these pumps both running identical aquaponic styled ponds.

The ponds on these systems are only 200 litres but i needed a pump capable of pumping an adequate volume of water to 1 metre high (head height).

The specs on the Resun king 2LV are:

  • Max Flow: 1000L/hr
  • Max Head: 1.7m
  • Flow at 1m: 550L/hr
  • Cable Length: 5m
  • Power Consumption & Voltage: 20 watts
  • Attachments: Flow Control, 3 tier volcano, bell fountain, aerator, foam filter
  • Cost: $70-80

These pumps I’ve had in operation for a little over 2 years. In that time I’ve cleaned them 4 times, approximately every 6 months.

This would be a good pump choice for any smallish ponds looking to add a little waterfall, larger water features or small aquaponic systems.

So as you can see I’ve had only positive experiences in using Resun king pumps.

Hozelock 24volt 3000 litres/ hr

This pump lives in my largest pond (by surfaced area) which was also my first pond. The pond holds between 2500-3000 litres of water. It also has a 9 metre long stream flowing into it.

The Hozelock cascade LV 3000 is used to circulate the entire pond. It comes with an adjustable dual attachment which allows me to direct flow to a small waterfall and the remaining flow to the stream.

I purchased this pump from rock around the block over 3 years ago. At the time i was weighing up between the hozelock LV 3000 or the Resun king 3ALV 4000.

I choose the Hozelock because it uses half the energy. My experience with the other resun king models tells me that the Resun king 3ALV would be a great pump it was just purely the energy saving that attracted me to the hozelock LV 3000.

I have a 30m low volt extension cable on the hozelock so that it could reach the pond. The folks over at rock around the block can supply all the plugs ready to rumble.

I love this pump! I’ve never had an issue with it. Over the last 3 years i might have cleaned the outer cage 3 times!

Here are the specs on the hozelock cascade LV 3000 vs the resun king 3ALV 4000.

Hozelock LV 3000Resun king 3ALV 4000
Flow at 1m: 3000 LitresFlow at 1m: 2800 Litres
Cable: 3mCable: 10m
Power consumption: 35 WattsPower consumption: 70 Watts
Cost: $170-200Cost: $130-170

PondMax 12 Evo2 12 volt 4600 litres/ hr

This pump runs my latest pond build which is an ecosystem styled pond. It holds approximately 4000litres. It has a lower surface area than the previous pond but is twice the depth.

At time of writing this pump has only been in operation for 3 months. It’s pumping out a great volume of water 4600 litres per hour for a mere 45 watts!

This pump (pondmax evo2 4910) can be purchased at time of writing on eBay for $243 + $12 postage.

One neat feature of this pump is it comes completely solar compatible. It comes with a 10 metre cable with the option of extending another 10 metres which is what i did.

Specs on the Pondamax evo2 4910:

  • Max Flow: 4600L/hr
  • Max Head: 5.1m
  • Flow at 1m: 3578L/hr
  • Cable Length: 10m
  • Power Consumption: 45 watts
  • Cost: $220-$270

So far I’m incredibly happy with this pump. The energy consumption and high head height is very impressive.

Aquapro 750LV 12 Volt 750 litres/ hr

This little pump i purchased at bunnings when building a small wine barrel pond for my parents. We were in a bit of a hurry when building the pond as it was for a beloved catfish named Carlos.

His tank was leaking and i convinced mum and dad that one of my wine barrel patio ponds, with bog filter would be the perfect solution. I was at bunnings picking up one of the wine barrel pond inserts and thought I’d give this pump a try.

I really wish i hadn’t, i immediately thought the wattage of 17 was a little high. I knew a similar resun king low volt model would consume 10 watts. But we were in a hurry so i thought what the heck.

After about 2 months of use the pump stopped working. No big deal i thought just a bit clogged. It was slightly clogged but opening the thing was a real chore. Eventually i got in and gave it a quick clean.

A month later it stopped working again! I gave it a clean but this time she was dead. I replaced it with a Resun king 1LV. Now no more problems.

I personally cannot recommend the AQUAPRO AP750LV Pump.

Specs on the Aquapro AP750LV:

  • Max Flow: 750/hr
  • Max Head: 1.5m
  • Cable Length: 5m
  • Power Consumption: 17 watts
  • Cost: $40-$50


Hopefully this list gives you some honest feedback on low volt pumps. Like i said all these pumps i personally have used in my own ponds. As i continue to build more ponds and research new products i will update the list.

Table of the pumps i use and recommend

ModelSuitable pond sizePower consumption
Resun king 1LVUp to 380 litres7 watts
Resun king 1ALVUp to 700 litres10 watts
Resun king 2 lVUp to 1000 litres20 watts
Hozelock LV 3000Up to 3000 litres35 watts
Pondmax evo2-4910Up to 4600 litres45 watts


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